The Treasure Map

April 8-12

Thought of the Week

Recognize that the road to become a learning community is dotted with many tempting parking places.

The Week in Preview

Monday, April 8

  • 2:45 First Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC
  • MAP Testing-3-5 Grade
  • Happy Birthday Ms. Hiott
  • Lunch and Learns

Tuesday, April 9

  • 3-5 MAP testing
  • Fun Run Collection

Wednesday, April 10

  • 2:45 Second grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fifth grade PLC
  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • 11:30 Literacy Team Meeting (Rhonda, Megan Lynn, and Sharon Lee to attend)
  • Student Council Meeting
  • Happy Birthday Ms. McCoy
  • Lunch and Learns

Thursday, April 11

  • 3-5 MAP window open
  • 5th Grade students go to MHES to compete for IHES in the Science Bowl!
  • 5:30 Mentor Dinner and Symposium
  • 6:30- Come See Me Parade
  • Fun Run Collection

Friday, April 12

  • 7:45 Kindergarten Tour
  • 12:00 PTA Meeting
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Come See Me Beach Bash

Saturday, April 13

  • Happy Birthday Ms. Willie Mae
  • Come See Me Road Race and Gourmet Gardens

The Pirate Way

  • We sincerely hope that as you approach this much needed week off, you will take time for yourselves and your families and rest and relax--YOU DESERVE IT!
  • IMPORTANT! One of our principals notified the district office this morning that several thefts occurred in his school while his teachers were attending a faculty meeting this week. He believes that a female visitor, who checked in using appropriate procedures, could be the one who went into classrooms and stole money and personal property. Information on the visitor was checked and all information given was false.

    Please remind your staff members to keep their purses or other personal items secured and not where they can be easily seen. It would also be a good idea for teachers to lock their rooms while they attend meetings or will be away from their classroom.

Guidance News!

April is DILIGENCE month. Mrs. McCoy will be teaching our Pirates this means trying to do the best one can in everything. It means paying attention and not giving up. Work hard. Stay focused and get the job done even when there are challenges and distractions.

3,4,5 nominations due April 26

K,1,2 nominations due April 30

PLC Focus

For your PLC this week ponder this question...

What is the difference between a classroom with 1:1 technology (such as iPads) and a classroom that has made the digital conversion. Where are you in terms of seamlessly integrating technology into your curriculum? Where would you like to be a year from now? What support do you need to get there?

Read the following to aid in your PLC conversation.

This week was a big week for RHSD3 in the passing of the iRock proposal, Dr. Moody had this to say regarding this initiative. "In April of last year, I started talking about a digital conversion to help transform how we teach. My vision was to give every student a tool to assist them in learning anytime and anywhere. While much has been learned, I made some missteps; and in hindsight I would have talked more about the benefits of a digital conversion and less about the device.

At tonight’s school board meeting, I will recommend that we implement iRock in grades 4-8. I will also propose that we purchase approximately 1350 iPads for use in our high schools. I will instruct our high school principals to work closely with their teachers to determine an implementation plan that focuses on eliminating 9th grade retention, reducing the number of dropouts and increasing the graduation rate.

I still believe in my heart that we are ready to implement iRock in grades 3-12, but I know that others have expressed concern about its size and scope. Therefore, I searched for a resolution to maintain our momentum but ensure that we move together as a community."

Also, read this article from Educational Leadership. (You may have to copy and paste the link into your web browser).,-Not-Stuff.aspx