Spring Break

By: Casey Gillis

What I Did During Spring Break

Well during my spring break i went to P.A with my granddad. He drives semis so i road with him for about 3 days. Wile i was on the road i went to 5 different states and seen a lot of different people. The fun thing about the trip on the road was that the whole way up to Pennsylvanian your riding up and down mountains so it looks cool. the picture is going down a mountain that is called Fancy Gap.

After the Road Trip

After about 3 days of riding with my granddad, I then left with my dad and my uncle to go play music down in Florida. I play the drums, my dad play's bass guitar and my uncle play's lead guitar. We have been playing music together for about a year or two now. I have been playing the drums for about 3 years at the most.

States I Went through

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