Location for my photos

Arbrie Krasniqi

Which Location?

For my images, I decided that the location I want to use is Alexandra Park. This is where my artist AnaE wears her dress in the music video and I want the location to be exactly the same. I think this is a good idea because this location is a nice setting, it is different to what you would conventionally see in POP music videos.


The main reason why I want to use this location is because that is where my chosen costume was filmed in the music video, the dress. This dress comes up mainly in one location and that is in Alexandra Park. Once it appears in this specific location, it almost feels like that is where it belongs as it has its special spot for it. I want my audience to feel like this location is more than just a place we shot the music video in, I want them to feel like it's more meaningful and special.

I noticed that I could be saying the same thing for the other locations because each costume had sort of the same locations for it. However, Alexandra Park feels more unique as it shows our artist in a different perspective by using the dress, showing that this song is special,different and significant to her (by expressing the love) which helps emphasise the meaning behind it.

I think the locations I decide on are important for my ancillary products because I want my audience to understand why I chosen them.

I want to help establish this continuity and I knew Alexandra Park will help me do this. When my audience will see the same location from the music video for ancillary products, it would show this connection and hopefully they will understand the meaning behind everything through this.

The location

I like this theme with the nature behind in the background because it has this nice earthy feel to it where I feel like it makes you feel drawn and focused on everything in total. It is different to the other locations I have used which is what I like.

I feel like this location has more responsibility in trying to convey the whole meaning of it because this is where the candles are shown mainly. Therefore I want to use this location in my ancillary product to try help get my whole point across more. At the same time I try to represent this pop genre by including different locations that suit the representation of it.

It's important because as I said before it shows Ana in a different perspective with this nature look in it. This location is where we specifically express the love (i.e. by using our symbolism of love with the candle) that Ana has found that she wants to now share with everyone and every time you see it you are reminded of the message that our artist is trying to convey.

Its importance..

I believe that choice of locations are important because I feel like if I use a different location with the dress for my ancillary products, this connection wouldn't be there. I feel like my audience will not understand the whole concept and maybe it will feel confusing because it's not what they have already seen. I want to avoid all these and keep it consistent as I feel this works best for what I want to convey i.e. the whole purpose of the music video, the meaning.