Best year ever

Best 3rd grade class


My classmates are Griffin, George, Ben, Dillon,Alex,Nick ,Kendall, Bree, Josh, Katie,Steven, Marley,Gabby,Kaden, Tanner,Tyler,Nora,Izzy,Mallena,Berit,Meron,Kioee,Nyamouc and me thats 25 classmates


we do a lot of fun games in math sometimes we do times division theirs so much stuff we do I cant keep track but it is fun to learn in3 grade I thought math wasn't fun but I started to get smarter and I started to like math we also do testing we have homework to do at home or we can work on it at school if we want you can learn so much in 3d grade a special if you like math a lot.


We learn a lot of new things everyday in science here are some things that we learn we lean lesson we learn about animals and plants, trees ,insects and a bunch more like hibernation food chains even sometimes we play games like oh deer you have to find the stuff you need to survive and a game where you had to eat people but you have a card that tells you what you can eat it is really fun and you sometimes get to go outside and look around and you can right a bunch of stuff you see in the woods and you will learn a lot more about science

Social studies

You get to learn a lot about the world and people a long time ago and are state incect,bird ,fish ,flower,flag ,tree,state nickname, and a bunch more stuff like what we would need to