4th Grade Memories

By Josh Harris

Social Studies Happenings

The Boston Tea Party

colonists wanted to be able to buy tea from any company who would sell it to them. they also thought the tax was unfair. in protest,colonial merchants boycotted tea from the east India company
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The War in New Jersey

many important battles were fought in new jersey. these included battles at trenton princeton springfield and monmoth.

New Jersey Develops

new technologies and inventions improve agriculture communication and transportation in new jersey and the nation.

Britain's 13 Colonies

Britain parliament passed tax laws that angered the colonists. in 1774 the colonial leaders gathered at first.

A new nation,a new state

the second continental congress met in 1787 to write the constitution it created a stronger nation.

The declare of independens

the delegates decided to write a statement to declare independence. it would explain why the colonies should be free from from great britain. then congress would vote on whether or not to approve the declare. on june 11 the delegates chose a committe of five people to write the declare. a committe is a group chosen to work on a task. the committe included john adames, benjamian frankline

Native Americans of New Jersey

The lenape's ancestors were the first people to settle in New Jersey they came for for its rich resources such as forests and water.

three worlds meet

the europeans and lenape had different views about land they signed treaties but the lanade were not happy with the agreements.

Greek Mytholigy

Heroic Perseus Its my favorite Greek myth because its about dragons.


gym class is time for kids its best time in more score book.