Drones and Robots

What is there use?

What are drones?

Drones are a Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, also know as UAV. This modern technology can be as big as a fighter jet, or as small as a small RC car. There are used recreationally and used by the military. Some are even used by news people, like CNN.

Concerns About Drones

What are the privacy concerns?

Even though drones are helpful behind enemy lines, what about public use? Privacy concerns about drones is the question people ask. A woman in Seattle was alone in her apartment. A few minutes later, she noticed a flying object around her window. It was a drone. The authorities were contacted. After this event the FAA set regulations upon drones.) Queally, James. "Seattle Woman Says Drone Seemed Tone Spying on Her." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, n.d. Web. 01 June 2015.) "If you were to jump over the fence into your neighbor's yard, recording what they have to say, that's a trespass. Why should it be any different with drones." -Hannah Beth Jackson (D), Santa Barbara Senator.

Safety Concerns

People ask of the safety concerns as well. Th Fedral Aviation Administration, of FAA, set many regulations upon recreational, and commercial use.

  • Drones cannot exceed over 55 lbs.
  • They cannot be flown in highly populated areas.
  • Commercial drones 55 lbs or below must take and pass a knowledge test, that must be retaken every 24 months, and be at least 17 years old
  • Can only be used in daylight hours.
  • Must be seen at all times.
  • Can't exceed over 500 ft high and 100 mph.
  • Visibilty up to 3 miles.

So most of these are against commercial drones, but not all are against recreational use. These came up when Amazon Prime Air was cancelled.

Amazon Drones BANNED?!?! - Tech Tuesday
California drone debate centers on privacy concerns

What Have They Done so Far?

Drones have served the military well. The Predator drone is an intel like drone. Capturing important data. The Reaper drone acts as a hunter/killer. It marks, identifies, and tracks the wanted terrorist, or person.

Inspiring People

Mant people are born without hands, fingers, feet, etc. Some are involved in an accidnet and lose their limb. Leon McCarthy is one of the few who was born without certain limbs. He was born without fingers on his left hand. With the help of a 3D printer, he made hi own prosthetic hand.

Another person who inspired prosthetic hands was Easton LaChappelle. He started his prototype when he was 14 yrs old. H e used LEGOS, small motor from airplanes, fishing lines, and plastic tubing. February 13th, 2011, his first prototype was a success. After graduating high school, he and some friends launched, "Unlimited Tommorow". The main goal was to give the people who need technology, the technology his team designs.

Luminaries: Prosthetic Arm Engineer Easton LaChappelle