GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of March 11, 2019

Dear Team,

I know many of us are heartbroken for our colleague and friend, Angie Keller. So many of you have reached out to find ways to support her. If you would like to take a meal to her, click here to sign up for a meal train dinner. Be sure to read through the directions carefully so that you are able to honor the family's requests. If you'd like to donate a gift card, you can check the link to see if it can be delivered with a meal or get them to me and I will make sure she gets them. Please keep Angie and her family in your thoughts. When I learn of additional information, I will let you know.

GRE has certainly faced many difficulties recently but with these hard moments, we have also come together to support one another. We will continue to support one another. We will take one day at a time. We will continue to love each and every student that walks through our doors. We will be the best GRE family we can be.

Take care of each other and let me know what I can do to support you-


News to Share

1. Student sign up for Eagle Ed begins this week. Please make sure you sign your students up on the day your grade is listed and not before.

Grade Level Date for Sign Up

3rd-Monday, March 11

4th-Tuesday, March 12

K-Wednesday, March 13

1st-Thursday, March 14

2nd-Friday, March 15

Click here to review the sessions. Questions? See a Related Arts team member for help!

2. Here is the presentation from Tuesdays staff meeting. As I finish typing up the resources we created, I will share them out.

3. Just a reminder, if you are using Class Dojo, I encourage you to think about the conversations we have had about explicitly teaching behavior. If you find yourself messaging the same family over and over, let's meet up to see how we can implement, tweak, or change a behavior plan. Put yourself in that families shoes, would you like to receive the messages you are sending through Dojo, or would you rather get a phone call so you could hear some positives too?

4. Picture Day is tomorrow. Click here to review your time slot. Please remind your families if possible.

5. Box Tops are due Tuesday, please make sure you collect them from your students and turn them in.

6. The Board of Education approved a one-time employee retirement incentive package known as the 2018 -

2019 Employee Severance Plan (hereinafter “ESPTM” or “Plan”) on February 21, 2019. The Plan is available to certified professional staff (hereinafter “Employee” or “Employees”) who will have a minimum of ten (10) years of service with the Big Walnut Local School District (hereinafter “the District”) as of June 30, 2019.”

7. Big Walnut Local Schools will be hosting a screening of the documentary, Screenagers. This event will be held at BWMS on April 11th starting at 6:30 pm. This event is free and all are welcome! Screenagers is a documentary that focuses on the habits that children develop by using their mobile devices. Throughout the film, families are seen dealing with the consequences (often serious) related to excessive screen time or screen time without boundaries. The film focuses on the connection between mental health and how much tech time can impact a child’s development. This documentary also highlights the benefits of finding the balance of screen time and screen- free time and offers some solutions for parents. For a sneak peak of this film, click here.

PLC Challenge

This week's PLC Challenge is to complete the first week of "The First Four Weeks" that we reviewed at the tail end of the staff meeting. Click here, make a copy, and start dialoging as a team. What needs tweaked or changed to meet the needs at GRE? What questions do we have that need answered?

Starting this work now, allows us all to be ready for day 1 next school year! Prizes galore for teams that complete this challenge:)

Week at a Glance

Monday, March 11- A Day; Picture Day

Tuesday, March 12- B Day; Box Tops Due

Wednesday, March 13 - C Day; Yoga at 4:15

Thursday, March 14- D Day; Pastries with Parents; Happy Birthday to Christy Bryant!

Friday, March 15- A Day; Pastries with Parents

Upcoming Important Dates:

March 11 Spring Pictures

March 14 Pastries with Parents; PTO Meeting 6:30pm

March 15 Pastries with Parents

March 21 Art day

March 22 Eagle Ed

Mar. 25-29 NO SCHOOL