Red Panda Research

Bella Hackett

The Ecosystem of a Red Panda

The red panda lives in the bamboo along the himalyan moutain chain in southeastern china. This ecosystem helps the red panda survive becuase it gives a supply of food. A red panda could not live in most other places becuase it would not give them alot of their diet.


The red pandas are very good climbers, but on land they are clusmy and ungraceful. They can jump more than 5 feet!

Would it have a burger or bamboo?

Red pandas are omnivores. Red pandas are known to most likely eat, bird eggs, insects, fruit, rodents, lichen, acorns, roots, grasses and bamboo. Yum! Bamboo is what they are most likley will eat.

How do humans help them and hurt them?

Well, to help them humans can raise awarness or even just recycle! To hurt them, in Southeastern China people kill them for their soft coat and their fluffy tail.


Its also called a firefox or a lesser panda. In hard winters the panda's tail keeps them warm.


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If it weren't for these people i couldn't have done this, thank you!


Special Behavior

They are crepuscalr (they are most active at dawn.) To save the little body energy it has, the red panda turns down its body tempature at night. They are acrobatic climbers. To keep warmth it curls up into a ball.

Read please

Red pandas are endangered and need our help, any donation (not to me) can help.


Watch: Red Panda Does Pullups


About Me and red pandas

I'm Bella and I love animals!!! Red Pandas are so fascinating just to see the pictures is so amazing! Red Pandas are endangered and need our help, I first learned about red pandas when a friend mentioned them to me, i wanted to know more, so when my teacher announced we were doing animal projects i knew red pandas were what i was going to research. For Christmas, I asked my mom if i could sponsor a red panda and/or a polar bear, she said i could sponsor both and I was so excited because i finally made my mark on the world.