mLearning Mobile Apps

5 mobile apps to use in a High School classroom


Ko-su is a mobile app that all students can download for free on their devices and I can set up a classroom that they can all join where we can review answers, write comments, look up results and send feedback on the class. A concrete example of how this can be used in a high school class is that it could be used: the teacher could deliver everyone's marks to a test and the marked test back to all the students over the weekend instead of waiting till the following day of school. This gives the student's who are eager to know how they did on the test a chance to look at their mark over the weekend.

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Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D is a free application for smart devices made to make the most complex human bodily systems easy to access and engage in. It allows the student to look into different body systems and and view various biological systems. A concrete example of how this can be used in a high school classroom is using this app in a biology classroom. This could be used by the students to get a better understanding of the body systems and could aid them in making their own projects about our systems in the human body.

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Elemental is a free mobile application that is used to draw Chemistry structures. This could be used in a high school classroom very easily in any Chemistry class. This app allows students to draw the apps on paper or right on their phone then check if they are correct on the app.

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Math Pro

Math Pro is a free application for mobile devices that that has over 15 000 math worksheets from grade 5 to grade 12. This would be very beneficial in a high school math classroom as students could get lots of extra practice on their math homework. The only way to get better at math is to do math so this would be a great app to practice. You could also use this as review for students to review previous years math work or for their upcoming tests.

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Periodic Table Explorer

Periodic Table Explorer is a free application for smart devices that allows the student to search any of the elements on the periodic table, their compositions, physical appearances, reactions and other chemical properties. This would be useful in a high school chemistry class especially for tests, instead of printing off a bunch of periodic tables for the students to save paper some could use their smart phones to use this app instead.

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