Social Contract Research

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What is a Social Contract?

A social contract is an agreement that outlines the moral and political obligations of citizens in a society.

The Origin of Social Contracts

The idea of the social contract came from Thomas Hobbes. He argued that the people should only give the government enough power for protection. John Locke expanded on this theory by stressing the role of the individual and calling for revolution if the government abused it's given powers. Jean Jacques Rousseau also worked off this theory. He was an Enlightenment thinker who wrote a book titled The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right. In this book Rousseau argues that no man has right to rule unless granted right by consent of governed. He also argues that people must give up certain freedoms for the common good.

Examples of Social Contracts

The U.S Constitution: in The Constitution the Continental Congress wrote laws that were expected to be followed by the citizens. The people gave up some freedoms for the good of the nation. Fancy Restaurants: Most fancy restaurants have dress codes that patrons must follow. Patrons give up the right to wear whatever they want in exchange for a delicious and peaceful meal.