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August Bits & Pieces

In this August Edition of Bits & Pieces...

School Supplies

GOD Sent Angels

Puzzle Piece Contest

Consignment reminders

Fingers crossed that all of your preparations are going well and I am sure I will be bumping into many of you as we begin all of the Back to School night activities.

All of our school supplies are in and we are fully stocked! If you need those last minute school items be sure to stop by!

Schools Supplies are In Stock!

I will also be carrying these items all year long. So in a few months from now as your child drags their backpacks along the sidewalks and hallways and the straps begin to tear and holes pop up on the bottom, stop by The Puzzle Piece and replace them for less!


GOD SENT ANGELS is a local mission dedicated to helping ANYONE in need!

Man, women, child and their pets!

As a consignment shop, not everything here sells in a timely manner. For all of the items that do not, I DONATE them. I do not give them to Goodwill or any other organization. 100% of the unsold items is given to this mission.

Below is a visual, a glimpse into what your leftover/unsold items are doing here to help those, right where you live! Thank you for allowing us to give your unsold and leftover items to those in need!

Below is a message from Brenda Burt (the angel, along with her husband Ron and whoever volunteers) who operates this needed mission.

"Chris, Thank you for all your support, God bless you for all your donations, you will see many of your donations in this video. This mission could not exist without awesome folks like you, thank you so much, hugs."

GodSent Angels Mission


I just submitted our story for entry into this INTUIT SMALL BUSINESS CONTEST

VOTE for us Everyday and help us advance to the next round.

How awesome would it be to see The Puzzle Piece on the national TV stations??!!

Of course if we win, I'll need YOUR HELP to make and BE IN our commercial!

Visit OUR STORY Below.

Help us advance the next round in September by coming back EVERYDAY and voting.

Share our story/contest entry with your friends too help boost us up

Now Open Later!

We listened and we took notes.

We are opening back up with an adjustment in our store hours. We have decided to stay open later 2 nights a week to accommodate the working families who have a hard time getting here during the day. So this schedule should be helpful for those who have a hard time coming by.

Consigning Reminders

NOW TAKING your COLD (Fall/Winter) Weather clothing items.

Some warm weather items still qualify: short sleeve shirts (no tank tops/sleeveless), mens shorts, ALL bathing suits (many still swim in the winter). No sandals or flip-flops.

3 Choices for your Clothing Items.

NOW OFFERING BOR (Buy-Out-Right) Option for your Clothes.

You can consign them as normal for the 45 day period or

I can purchase them from you on the spot for $15 CASH per full Bag (13 gallon kitchen bag) or $25 SHOPPING CREDIT to your account

So that's Consign, Cash or Credit

Visit our website for ALL of our consigning details

Our Facebook Page is growing everyday!

We are now up to 966 fans!

Have you joined our page?

Help us spread the word about the shop to your friends and family.

More fans = More shoppers = more $$$ in your pocket ;-)

About Us

The Puzzle Piece is a Consignment Retail Store specializing in quality gently used products including clothing, home & garden products, electronics, vintage items and so many more things.
The Puzzle Piece is owned by Christine "Chris" & Brian Garton, who are raising 3 children one of whom has a disability. After recently retiring from 25 years of service in the Army with 7 years at Ft. Bragg, Christine & Brian have decided to remain in the Sandhills area. The name of the store is in honor of our son, who is autistic. Autism is represented by a puzzle piece defining the complexity of this brain disorder.