All about Berenice

All about me

10 things about me

  2. I believe in aliens
  3. I detest seafood
  4. My favorite show is supernatural
  5. My favorite dessert place is the Cheesecake Factory
  6. I am a reserved person
  7. I believe there's good in everyone
  8. I like to read , my favorite book is the outsiders by S.E Hinton
  9. I like horror movies , the conjuring is
  10. I am an oboist and a saxophonist

My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrasing moment basically happend my whole eelementary year. I used to walk on the tips of my toes , and i never really realized it . My parents , teachers , and even classmates would tell me to walk correctly , i ignored them because i didn't know what they were talking about. Until i was i 4th grade i realized it , but i kind of still did it.

Now i look back at it & i just think about , and well basically make fun of my self

questions im asked

Nothing i dont really get asked anything