Main Characters


Beatrice Prior is the protagonist of Divergent. Unlike most stories or movies; her family is still alive. She lives in Abegnation with her mom; Nataile Prior, her dad; Andrew Prior, and her Brother; Caleb Prior.

Beatrice turns sixteen and has to make the choice of what faction she will be in for the rest of her life. She is determined to stay in Abegnation when she reaches the time to chose.

But she doesn't exactly chose what she thought she would. Her test results for the recommendation of what faction she should chose stated that she wasn't any of the factions.

She was Divergent.

Her thoughts quickly veered toward Dauntless; the brave.

When she becomes Dauntless they give her the option to change her name and she happily takes it; changing her name to Tris


Beatrice finds a new friend named Christina. Christina helps her though the challenges she has to face through her new journey of being a Dauntless.