Meet Canada

By:Makena Hubbs

Welcome to Canada

When entering Canada you might want to know some basic facts about our country. In this Smore you will learn some of those facts.
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Food in Canada
1. Poutine is French fries+Cheese curd+brown gravy+sometimes bacon

2. Montreal smoked sandwich is made out of mostly bacon and what ever else you would want to put on it.

3. Ketchup chips

4. Maple: In Canada there is a lot of maple stuff such as maple tasting suckers, Canada's flag, and maple syrup! Lots of maple.

5. Smarties are just like M&m's but taste like smarties.

6. Coffe Crisps have a coffe taste. They are like a Kit-Kat but mocha tasting.

7. Crush pink cream is like a normal Crush but with a cream taste. (not usually found in any countries except for Canada).

8. Maple donuts - Maple goes with everything.

Money exchangement

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How you can exchange your money into Canadian money

-1 Canadian dollar=$0.73

- Most of the time stores will except US money

Places to go in Canada

Top 3

1.Vancouver-Known for its sports, skiing on Grouse Mountain, and surfing at Wreck Beach.

2. Montreal- Has 17th century architecture, shopping, and popular party scenes at night.

3. Toronto- Has small places all around that are like India, Greektown, and Koreatown.

Languages in Canada

French and English

Fun Fact

Canada puts their milk in bags instead of cartons!
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