Xbox 720

The Xbox 1 Is The New Console That you Can Get on Many Apps

A little bit About The New Console

The new Xbox will be called Xbox 720. The system has a sleeker new console, a new controller, and a new Kenect system. The Xbox 720 is also voice-operated, and can be turned on by simply saying "Xbox on."

It takes you to a "personal homescreen" and you don't have to sit and wait for game updates.

You're able to watch live TV, watch movies, and surf the internet on the Xbox 720. You can switch seamlessly via voice control from TV, to games, to music, all centered on the Xbox 720.

Picture Of Xbox 720

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Xbox 720

It gonna be the Best console There was made it will be $400 u can resevere it right now

Xbox 720 Due date

It will come at on November 15, 2014 So start saving your money for it it will be worth your money grantuated.

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