Indus River Valley Jackson and Knox

Question 1 Geography

The Indus river developed in Asia.The Indus floods through the countries of Pakistan and India. The people who lived in the area called Harappans.

Question 2 Irrigation

The civilization was able to have food surpluses.There were new jobs develop and people didn't have to farm. The people were successful at farming.

Question 3 Written Language

Writing was created to write down business records.The written language the wrote in is Sanskrit.

Question 4 Government

India develop the caste system for government.People place in society based on birth.The caste system help divide order. Like the valley the king was in charge of nobles helping him.

Question 5 Achievements

India planned cities for there people.They found out how to make new metals and discovered the seven planets.They were able to make new medicines.

Question 6 Religion

India practice two different religions Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism is polytheistic and Buddhism is philosophy. These religions spread to other parts of Asia.