The concepts of quality assurance and quality control

What is quality?

Quality is to verify if the product that are going to be made meets the standard or better quality.

How quality is performed?

Quality control- someone normally an inspector will review and test the finished product to see if they meet the standard. It's a reactive process

Quality assurance- a set of activities is performed to prevent any defects when the product is in its production process. It's a proactive process

Difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality control focuses and aim on the product itself to detect and identify any defects. While a quality assurance focuses and aim on the process itself to prevent any defects that might occur during the production process of the product.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

To perform quality assurance TQM will need to implemented. This will change the business culture. This will convince and motivate its all workers to feel concern about the products that they are making and improved their performance to ensure the standards are met

effects of quality assurance and quality control within business planning and corporate expectations.

Quality assurance will affect business planning considerations. A quality assurance is about the focus on the process itself to prevent any defects that might occur during the production process of the product. The quality assurance will affect the person decision to pick the right supplier based on their level of quality assurance . An example of good supplier have the qualities of "right at first time" or "zero defects" this is done by having a very high quality assurance such as having strict and more set of activities set out to test the product during the production process.

The person who is choosing will likely more to choose a supplier who have a high quality standard and have a good accreditation. Which in effect he will have shorter range to pick from. However he will be a higher confidence that he will pick the right supplier.

The right supplier with high QA and good accreditation will more likely to produce a high quality resource at shorter range of time.

A high quality resource will more likely to make the final product better with little or zero defects which can save a lot of money and time, this high quality product will more likely to meet the customer/corporate expectation. To extent if the product is produce quicker than the deadline will surely exceed the customer/corporate expectation because the customer/corporate will be able to use the product earlier and perform their intended task. This will then have a positive impact on their reputation which will help to build up more customers and to their success in the future.

Quality control will ensure the final product to have zero defects and meets the firm standard,this is done by reviewing and testing the finished product to see if they meet the standard. To ensure a high quality final product the business need to spend more money on quality process e.g. sampling and testing more which affects the costs to increase. For instance using cheaper resources might cut the cost down but this will last in short time, the long term outcome might be more expensive. On the other hand using a high quality resources is expensive at first but it will be cheaper in long term as it takes more time to replace or it only need a little maintenance. This will be hard for the business to plan it because they need to consider the quality over costs. But it's important that they will still going to make profit in the long term. However a product with good quality will meet the customer/corporate expectation, which will have a positive effects on corporate expectation such as their reputation and to their success because producing a high quality product with zero defect will keep the customer patronizing your products which will keep the sales and profit high in the long term.

A business with a good reputation and high quality products will more likely to have higher sales which means bigger profit, this profit can be used to increase their product range which will meet the customer expectations to a business. The extra profit can be also used on training their staff which result their employee to work better which will in the end will produce a high quality product which the extra profit can be used again to develop and improve their business e.g. total quality management.