Acorn Staff Fitness

Stress Melting Fun

"I need to get Fit"

I've heard your cries education warriors and NOW your time has arrived. Leave your stresses at the door and come with us on this journey to discover what fun 'getting fit' can be when we tackle it together

Every Monday at 5pm @AxminsterCPS

We (Go Active) have worked hard to remove any barriers for participation with this session. We realise that many of you have had some negative experiences of group fitness/sport, but we are really hoping you will give us an opportunity to right these wrongs and give you a fresh, exciting attitude to staying healthy through exercise. What have you got to lose:

  • Free Sessions (Paid for by your employers)
  • Sessions designed to be both effective & fun
  • Get a chance to know the people that work all across the academy

We are Go Active

Finding new ways to bring sport to you