Home Design of the Future

Miles Henry

Sustainable Ecosystems

I would create a green environment around my home by switching to fluorescent light bulbs, put some plants around the house, use water wisely, etc. . I would choose to plant flowers that don't die in the winter. I would plant these because when the leaves fall off, they eventually decompose, turning it into fertilizer. The plants I would farm in my garden are fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't use any pesticides because most pesticides have negative effects to them. I would choose to park a fuel efficient car in my driveway. Now even though the gas causes pollution, an electric car cost way more money! the waste management systems I'd chose to have are recycling bins, composter and garbage pales. I would also choose to sponsor an African penguin from the Toronto zoo. I would sponsor this animal because these animals aren't native to our area.

Atoms, Elements, Compouds

3 chemicals found in my home are febreze, cleaning products, bleach. Bleach is made up of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen is in period 1, group 1. Hydrogen is basically hydrogen.

The Characteristics of Electricity

The electrical energy source ill use to power my house are solar panels. This energy source is very sustainable. This is because since the solar panels are converting the natural sunlight into energy, this makes them a renewable energy source. This will also increase the sustainability moving on in life. The physical structures id include are windows. This would reduce wasted energy because when you use the windows, theirs no need for the lights. The appliances I'd like to have in my home are a stove, a fridge, a washer and a dryer. I've chosen these appliances because I believe these appliances will allow me to do my daily task. I would include LED 50 watt light bulbs. this is because these light bulbs are more eco-friendly.

The Study of the Universe

two different types of technology I would include are telescopes and solar panels. telescopes were invented in 1608 by Hans Lippershey. solar panels on the other hand were invented in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel.