1920s Sports

By Maija Yip

How it Began

Sports in the 1920s grew from the publicity and the promotions, the most famous sports during the 1920s were baseball, tennis, the Schooner Bluenose race, and swimming etc. The media publicity ensured large crowds and guaranteed the financial success of the ventures allowing new stadiums to be built and providing salaries for the sport stars.

Base Ball

National baseball ball League George Herman Ruth jr was a famous baseball player from 1895-1948, he was born on 1985 in Baltimore, he sold New York Yankees and hit 54 home runs.

The Schooner Bluenose

In 1921 the Schooner Bluenose was designed by William J Roue, who shipped the Grand Banks and raced it. The Schooner won the International Fisherman's Trophy, emblematic of the sailing championships of the fishing fleets of the N Atlantic.

Free Style Swim

During 1922, Johnny Weissmuller was the first person to swim 100 m in a minute. He own five Olympic medals, and 36 national chamionships. His highest record was 51 seconds in the 100 yard freestyle event.


The French championships was International in 1925, the first open french tournament was played at the Stade de Roland-Garros. The french championships was opened for international competitors. Rene Lacoste was in the finals of Jean Borotra, the tournament was one of the greatest historical moments of French tennis history.