The Carbon Cycle

How does the recycling benefit you?

What is the carbon cycle?

The carbon cycle is the various processes in the environment from which carbon travels through the atmosphere, taken in by plants and organisms, brought back into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels, forest fires, and human/ animal respiration release CO2 into the atmosphere which then. Plants take carbon dioxide through photosynthesis from the air to release oxygen and provide animals with energy, the animals then eat the plants which supplies them with energy. The carbon goes back into the soil through organic matter and will start process all over again beginning with fossil fuels.

Causes and Prevention

Us humans affect the carbon cycle in many different ways. Some ways humans affect this is by burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, and even wiping out various types of plants. By doing this, we are adding to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which can change an environment we are surrounded by. We can help save the environment by going to reusable resources such as solar power, and wind powered by turbines, we can also try to limit the amount of paper we use by doing more things electronically, this will save trees.