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Mrs. Waterstredt's weekly newsletter

Week of December 22, 2014


Math- This week we will will write equations to solve multiplication and division problems. We will discuss how multiplication and division are inverse operations and that can help us solve problems when their is an unknown variable.

Science- Students brought home their science notebooks last week to begin reviewing for our Electricity Test which will be today. After Winter Break we will put science on hold as we get back into Social Studies.

Reading - This week we will learn what to do with new information that we glean from reading our informational texts. We will take this new information and figure out how to fit it into our thinking and what we already know.

Writing - This week we will make a Table on Contents for our Nonfiction writing piece.

Teacher Notes

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Winter Break!! Our fourth graders have been working so hard this year... this is a well deserved break!

I look forward to seeing all my kids in 2015!!

Happy New Year!