AP lit journals

Hamlet #1

Starting with her debut, Ophelia walks with her brother Laertes before he embarks to Paris. Laertes advices her sister not to make contact or fall in love with Hamlet because his love and duty resides with “the safety and health of his own state” And Ophelia takes his heed of his advice (Act 1, scene 3, 20-30). Ophelia does not have so strong a love for Hamlet that she does not listen to criticism from other people about their relationship. Laertes and Ophelia are siblings and have a stronger bond than Ophelia has towards Hamlet so she knows that Laertes looks after her best interest.

Later Laertes leaves for Paris and Polonius, her father, orders her not to see Hamlet because Hamlet lies to her with professions of love: “In few, Ophelia, do not believe her his vow, for they are brokers.” (Act 1, scene 3, 125-130). Ophelia obeys her father. She neither argues with nor doubts her father’s judgment, but listens to him. If she truly loved, and loyal, to Hamlet, she would have refuted his father’s opinion and order about her lover. Although Polonius does not truly care for her, but his reputation, as a parent, Polonius most likely instilled the concept of “honoring one’s parent” in her. Moreover, Polonius knows about Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet but wants Ophelia to tell him about it to him. She does. This shows that Ophelia would tell her father anything about Hamlet if he pressures her enough.

Ophelia informs Polonius that Hamlet has been acting insane lately which scares her and as per his order, “I did repel his letters and denied his access to me” (Act 2, scene 1, 105-110). With that one line, Ophelia reveals where her true loyalties lie: With Polonius. In fact, given Hamlet’s attitude toward her, she does not have the same love for him as previously. In addition, she sees Hamlet’s demeanor as an act of betrayal; she never expected that Hamlet would ever scare or treat her unusually until now


Yes, Clarity arrives at the last moments of one’s life. In the short story, “ Death of a Traveling Salesman” Bowman gets his car stuck in a ravine and shelters in the company of a married couple until the husband, Sonny, pulls out the car and Bowman feels better. However, throughout the story, Bowman feels an empty feeling, and a certain aspect resonates with the couple. Bowman has never married; he never had a family, or wife, but spent most of his life working as a traveling shoes salesman. The wife of Sonny waits for her husband as he returns from the Redmond Farm, a feeling not familiar to Bowman. Bowman is an itinerant salesman who has no home to return or an accomplishment he can look back to feel pride. Throughout the story, Bowman does not realize what he is missing in his life. He travels to different locations never truly meeting his true destination. Only in his final moments does he realize what he is missing: marriage.

True clarity arrives during the last moments of one’s life in the form of a feeling of fulfillment or emptiness. When one dies and feels content with what they have done, they that is when clarity presents itself.