A Year in the Life

Co Carlow Chamber honouring Carlow Businesses

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Jennings Opticians

Established in 1982, Bernard Jennings has provided the people of Carlow with unrivalled service from his Optician’s store on 3 Dublin Street. He actually started out in Tullow Street but lost his premises to the big Hadden’s Fire (see photo below!) and relocated around the corner.

Bernard and his staff carry our sight testing and carry a large stock of glasses and contact lenses.

He prides himself on his friendly service - always with a smile and airplane quality and submarine prices!

Bernard’s is a typical example of the small local business that contributes so much to the local economy.

He employs four staff in Carlow and another four in Enniscorthy.

He advises all his clients to have testing carried out every two years – it’s like a full health check now with the advances in new digital photography.

His contribution to Carlow of course extends to a massive commitment to the arts community. It starts with his wonderful window displays and continues into his involvement with the Panto, the St Patrick’s Day Parade and support for local artists and musicians.

Maybe it’s because he is an optician and he sees the bigger picture, but he has also been involved in a charitable project called Asante in Kenya. Asante is a project that provides sight testing out in the Kenyan bush, just 50 miles from the Equator, and over the past 7 years his team have treated 3,000 people and removed cataracts form over 700 people.

31 years of excellence in service to Carlow and valuable opportunities for skilled employment locally.

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Tullow Street Fire 30th April 1984

This was the scene in Tullow Street where Fire crews fought bravely to bring the raging fire under control before it engulfed the entire street.

Could that be Bernard Jennings on the right hand side? His premises was located on the right hand side at no 3 Tullow Street.