Karen Merinos

By karen

All about me

I was born may 28 , 2000 in Irving tx , i am 15 yrs old.

I don't have a job . No pets

About my family

my mom and dad are both mexicans, I have 1 sister and 4 brothers

Stuff i like

My favorite food is pizza , popusas and chinesse food and tacos.

Some things I like to do when im not in school are spending time with my son and baby daddy and go shopping if i have time , My favorite subjects are biology and my hard subject is geometry , my favorite activity is working out. Some things i like about school is a learn new things and things i hate is hard .

My favorites

My best friends are my boyfriend and Dayana

my favorite singer is j cole , k camp and phora

my favorite songs are blessing , and comfortable

my favorite movies are 35 and ticking and ride along

my favorite actors are and kevin heart

favorite actresses are angelina jolie

Things about me

favorite places to eat are uno chino and pizza hut , east buffet . favorite sports is football . my favorite colors are red , purple and white . places i have visit is Galveston favorite place is home . My plans after high school are to get a job and go to college.

Personality happy , positive , joyful .


"you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one"

Hobbies is spending time with my son and going shopping .

My role model is my mom

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