San Diego CUE 2014

The Art of ScreenCapture!

Stacey Campo, Digital Learning Specialist
Poway Unified School District

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Screencasting with Telligami

Screen capturing can address....

As we reflect on the learning for today's students, it is much more than just the basics. According to "The Learning Curve" by Pearson ( we cannot afford to ignore these learning domains.
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Let's discuss what a screen capture is with respect to education.

Below are examples of screen captures uses.

It can be used to introduce....

Student Screencast Intro

It can be used to extend or expanding learning...

Screencast-o-Matic Tutorial

It can be used to assess understanding...

Roller Coaster Student Screencast 2012 (Circular Motion)

It can be used to provide student feedback...

Using Screencasting For Student Feedback
Using Firefox