Tornado Safety Tips

Prepare--- Get Ready!

Have a practice drill once a year.

Have a plan. Know where to take shelter.

Have safety supplies ready.

Listen to local news for warnings.

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Have a meeting place in your home for the family.

If you have a basement go there with your emergency supplies.

If no basement, go to bathroom or hallway with no windows.

Have protective items like a mattress, sleeping bag, and blankets nearby.

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WHAT TO DO ......??????

  • If your house has a basement....

go there, avoid the windows and go under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture

  • If your house has NO basement....

go to the lowest floor, a small center room like a bathroom or closet or under a stairwell or interior hallway.

Crouch as low as you can and cover your head with your hands if you have no other covering.

A bathtub can offer some protection.

  • If you are in an Office Building, Hospital or Skyscraper

go to a windowless area away from glass on the lowest floor. \

Stairwells are a good choice.

Stay OFF of Elevators.

  • If you are in a mobile home...


Mobile homes are often destroyed by most hurricanes.

Go to an underground shelter or permanent building.

  • If you are at School...

Follow the drill, go to an interior hall or windowless room in an orderly fashion. Protect your head.

Do not go to open spaces such as the gym.

  • If you are outdoors...

Go to a sturdy building if possible, if not, lie face down covering your head away from trees and cars.

Tornado Safety in the Home