eNews From the Principal

Week of September 28-October 2, 2015

Celebrations & Commendations

  • Great job, teachers, for your thoughtful and reflective goals! I have so much confidence in you and appreciate all you do to continue growing as a professional.
  • I saw amazing work this week in the science lab on a 3rd grade adaptation/ accommodation lesson from our science docents; beautifully structured Kagan Inside/ Outside Circles reviewing irregular past tense verbs in Mrs. Watson's; songs on patterns in nature about seasons in Ms. Blanchard's; engaging lesson on forms of matter by making ice-cream in Ms. Workman's; a well-planned art lesson and gallery walk in Mrs. Franco's; dancing and singing about rounding numbers in Ms. Annett's, and of course, great teaching all around! I can go on and on...
  • Happy Birthday, Lilia (Mrs. Franco)!! September 26.

What's Happening this Week?

Duty Schedule Week 1

AM Bus duty: Workman

AM Yard duty: Spano & Diaz

1-3 Recess: Hernandez, Andrews, Sandoval

4-5 Recess: Seger & Raab

PM Bus: Valenzuela & Van Laar

PM Car: Morrison & Lidwin

Lounge: Kinder Team

Events & Reminders

Monday 9/28:

  • A Monday Meeting in Room 15
  • Please bring $20 for certificated staff and $10 if you are classified for our Fun Squad dues
  • One team, One vision: Please refer to the photo below and select a visor or a cap. Indicate your shirt size (The shirt below is a large) on the form posted on my door. It's on the house!

Tuesday 9/29:

  • SST Day. Please check your Google calendar for invites.

Wednesday 9/30:

  • Kinder Spotlight at 8:45 am
  • Private parent tour at 9:30 am: visiting Davis, Bendiksen, Franco, Diaz, and Valenzuela

Thursday 10/1:

  • PEF Grant Due by 5 pm.

Friday: 10/2:

  • Lower Grade Spotlight

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