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Visual Merchandiser

So what do Visual Merchandisers do?, Visual Merchandisers create visual displays for stores, including window displays and store designs. They are hired to create the displays to help draw in customers and maximise sales. A unique window display is likely to draw in many customers and in today's market it can be extremely beneficial. Visual Merchandisers can either be in house or from an agency, such as the one provided at the bottom of this page.
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Being a Visual Merchandiser there are many activities which you will take part in, the obvious one being creating and changing window displays and store layouts, however with this job role comes many other tasks. Visual Merchandisers will need to pick out all the items that are going to be used in the display like the lighting and other props, and may have to have props made specially, while sourcing these and progressing with the project Visual Merchandisers will also have to keep track of spending and stay under budget.

They will have to spend a lot of time with other departments including buying, design and marketing, this will be to help plan the displays and what type of products they will be expecting to have stocked, alongside this they will be researching trends both current and future to see how to best target their market.

After creating the displays the Visual Merchandiser manager will have to set out and create a pack to send out to the other stores so they are able to recreate the display from the model store. The pack will include photos and instructions of where to position certain products and what to have the window.

One of the most important roles is that of leading a motivated work force, the visual merchandising team have only a short amount of time to transform a shop window or even an entire store, so having a team that is ready to work and working at the best capacity will mean the display will be ready on time.


Being a Visual Merchandiser will mean you will have to display a number of skills that ensure you can perform as expected, these include being creative and have a good sense in design, colour and style, another skill would be visual awareness, you will need to be able to visualise the space you have been given the task to create a display for and know what will fit in the space, good artistic skills and computer design skills will provide help in creating a design that fits the space given.

Other skills would include good communication, Visual Merchandisers will have to work with a range of different teams in the company, so they know what factors to consider such as what is going to be some of the new stock that's being brought in. Visual Merchandisers are also likely to come under a lot of constructive criticism, it maybe from their managers or work partners, so being able to work from this criticism and using it to become better at your job will be a skill that is very useful.


Many visual merchandisers that have positions in higher roles have gotten there from experience on the floor and worked their way up. Although there are some higher level courses that study visual merchandising, fashion buying and merchandising at London College of Fashion, this type of course will provide you with either a two year foundation degree or you are able to do it for a Bachelors degree.

Also available is a Level 4 visual merchandising course at the Fashion Retail Academy, Although visual merchandising is very specific there are various other course which could help progress your career, such as interior design, 3D design and fashion design.

If you are looking for a job in Visual Merchandising and have no previous experience it would be best to get a job in a position like retail sales assistant this way you will be able to have some involvement with the visual merchandising that is done on the shop floor.

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Working Hours and Salary

The general working hours of a Visual Merchandiser are 35-40 hours a week, and is likely to be any day of the week, the job may often require you to start early or finish later due to the work having to be done before the store opens. In some cases the store may be having a full redesign and for this reason night shifts may be required.

With most jobs the amount you are paid varies with experience, so whether you are an assistant or manager your salary will be different. Working as a Visual Merchandiser you will most likely start as an assistant and these salaries will start around £12,000 to £18,000,

Then if you have more experience or moving to a higher role, such as management a starting salary can be in the region of £20,000 to £27,000 and then senior levels can be from as much as £30,000. Further to this there are also available positions at a director and international levels, and in these roles those can make between £45,000 and £60,000 per annum.


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