Hurricane Andrew

By. ChloeAnne Rettig

The Hurricane

I couldn't believe that a single hurricane could destroy 3,000 miles of power lines, 3,000 water-mains, 59 health facilities 70,000 acres, 750 houses completely ripped apart, and leaving 250,000 people homeless! Neither did the people in the Bahamas and South Florida until August sixteenth a tragic hurricane formed, Hurricane Andrew destroyed their homes and belongings. A bomb hit the city.

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Can you believe it caused at least 25 billion dollars to fix the hurricanes damage? The eye of the hurricane was reported as 8 miles long (but boy were they wrong!)Even it became every man for himself.700,000 people evacuated the location where the hurricane took place. All hurricanes start as a tropical storm . It brought high tides, hurricane force winds, and tornadoes. Also when a storm 74 miles it's officially a hurricane. Wind gust is about 175 miles per hour. 15 foot wind surge. More people died in the aftermath than in the actual hurricane. It affected the Bahamas, South Florida, and Louisiana and others. It was apart of the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season. it spawned at least 28 tornadoes along the gulf coast.

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The air force base was completely wiped off the map. Forty four people died but forty died indirect. The hurricane was a category 4 until it grew so strong it became a category 5. The centers for Disease Control puts the death toll at 32. Although it was a pretty powerful hurricane it wasn't the worst to hit Miami. The winds are about 145 miles per hour data was revisited in 2002 and determined to be 165 miles! 8 inches came down almost a foot came down.

Life After Distruction

New buildings are inspected to make sure they aren't vulnerable to hurricanes. Things are more reliable and more accurate tools. Learned to have more satellites and more detailed. People also learned that they need to work on technology , and they also learned better way to predict the weather.