Youth Sports

Do they help childern?

When children play sports like basketball is it really helping them to be a better person?

Few people think that youth sports do not help children because of getting injuries and being pushed to hard. On the other hand, sports gives skills that children need in the future.

Sports help children live a good life.

  • Physical inactivity was estimated to cause 1.9 million deaths in worldwide in 2000!
  • When children are active it increases bone and muscle development says the Women's Sports Medicine Center, Hospital for special surgeries.
  • In the USA inactivity caused about $75 billion dollars in medical costs in 2000!
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Sports keep us in shape.

  • If a child is 115 pounds in 30 minutes of shooting baskets the child will burn 117 calories.
  • In sports you drink more water which helps weight loose, Germany researchers have found.
  • Obesity in children is a growing problem in the USA, and youth sports are helping that problem the DatalysCenter sports injury research and prevention says.

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Youth sports gives children social skills needed for the future.

  • Dr.Nick Holt from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta says sports give leadership skills and team building skills, also

gives children more self esteem and children will learn respect for each other and treat everyone as equal.

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