Mrs. McDougald's Classroom News

5th Grade Weekly Update

Classroom News

Dates to Remember:

August 18th scholastic book order is due.

APTT dates are:

Aug. 31st

Jan. 25th

Mar. 29th

Times are 6:00-7:15.

The class is learning how to inference while reading. We have started reading "Holy Enchiladas." The students are getting ready to work in small groups. Read 30 minutes every night.

Math: We have gotten to know each other by writing equations for our "Figure Me Out" activity. We also worked with all four operations (+, -, x, /) and the numbers 1-9 in the game Witzzle Pro. We will begin our Order of Operations unit next week. In this unit, we will explore the rules for solving multi-step problems and the crazy saying of "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally."

Science: We have kicked off our Cells and Microorganisms unit with our "Publix Perp" storyline. Our class learned that GBI agent, Micro S. Copic, needs our help to determine what kind of food was stolen from our local Publix. The only problem is that we only have very small particles of the food that the perp dropped as they fled the scene. Stay tuned for more details!

In social studies we began learning about the amendments in the Constitution.

In language arts they have started working in writers workshop. They are writing a narrative piece on a favorite memory. They started working on their lead (hook) sentences. They are looking great!

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