James Buchanan

15th president Of US

Brief Rundown

James Buchanan (Old Buck), was born in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania, in 1791. He served as president (1857-1861) he was an democrat, directly prior to the American Civil-War. During his presidency he struggled to control a rapidly dividing nation. He was the only president who remained a life-long bachelor.

Early Life

He was born into a well-to-do Pennsylvanian family. At a young age, Buchanan was taught at the Old Stone Academy. Later, on in his life he went to Dickinson College, while there he was almost suspended for bad behavior, finally graduating in 1809. After graduating he studied law and in 1812 he was allowed to the bar. Not long after he enlisted into the military at the start of the War of 1812.

Foreign Affairs

While Buchanan was in office sense the nation was on the verge of a civil war he couldn't establish an activist foreign policy. There was also the Sectional Crisis to blame for why he couldn't. While he couldn't quite establish it he still had a foreign policy he focused on. It was to increase the influence of United States to nations south of it. With this his main focus was on The Caribbean. The Republicans opposing this doomed his plans.
"It is, beyond question, the destiny of our race to spread themselves over the continent of North America." He told Congress this in 1858

Domestic Affairs

In his inauguration speech he clarified his view point on slavery. He declared slavery to be a matter of individual states. Yet, during "Bleeding Kansas", which became the focus point of the slavery crisis, Buchanan sent a message to Congress urging that Kansas became a slave state. About 4 years after this there was domestic terrorism.