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Some facts about Jupiter Include;

The Diameter of Jupiter is; 142984km

Average Distance from the Sun; 778,547,200km

Average Temperature; 156k (-108.15 degrees C)

Length of a Day; 9 hours and 55 min

Length of a year; 11.86 earth years

Jupiter has 63 moons and also has no rings. This Planet is 1.32 Jovian years old.

A reason why you would want to live on Jupiter is because it is a massive planet, so you would have plenty of room to live! A second reason as to why you might want to live on Jupiter is that it spins at a very fast rate, so you would be able to experience shorter days which would keep you more occupied!

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The picture above is showing a unique feature of Jupiter, which is Jupiter's Red Spot!
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This is a picture of, one of the many moons that Jupiter has, which is called Europa.