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April isn't a fool

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The objective is based on:

Learning about the difference between a linear and a non-linear resistor. (:

Here you will learn about what they look like, what they do, how to use the color code and how they're used in general.

Adjustable Resistors

A resistor may have one or more fixed tapping points so that the resistance can be changed by moving the connecting wires to different terminals. Some wirewound power resistors have a tapping point that can slide along the resistance element, allowing a larger or smaller part of the resistance to be used.

Where continuous adjustment of the resistance value during operation of equipment is required, the sliding resistance tap can be connected to a knob accessible to an operator. Such a device is called a rheostat and has two terminals.

so like....

A linear resistor is a resistor whose resistance doesn't change.
What is a Resistor?
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and like....

A non-linear resistor doesn't have a constant resistance. Instead, resistance is a function of temperature.
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