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I'm not sure where to start? There were so many exciting times at Beit Chaverim Youth's annual Chanukah party! We had several booths with arts and crafts, bean toss, a popcorn machine, jelly doughnuts, fresh latkes and much much more! The highlight of the event was the incredible Magician Justin Sight who was literally out of sight! He performed jaw dropping acts of magic! I would like to thank Jenna Bernard and Sarah Benjamin for volunteering! Andrew Marcus and Louis Parks for making the Latkes, Barbara Halpern for all her assistance, Naomi Stanley and the entire Meadows, Parks, and Ross families for their sponsorships!

Parsha Questions - Parshat Vayigash!

Below are some questions for Parshat Chaya Sarah! All answers must be emailed to me by Friday morning or brought to youth groups on Shabbat. BC bucks reward at the end of each question. Each correct answer is worth $10 in BC Bucks!

  1. What threatening words did Yehuda say to Yosef?
  2. Why did Yehuda say his missing brother died?
  3. Why was Yehuda the one to plead for Binyamin?
  4. What do we learn from Yosef telling his brothers "Go up to my father"?
  5. What two things did the brothers see that helped prove that he was really Yosef?
  6. Why did Binyamin weep on Yosef's neck?
  7. Why did Yosef send old wine to Yaakov?
  8. What did Yosef mean when he said "Don't dispute on the way?"
  9. What happened to Yaakov when he realized Yosef was alive?
  10. Why did G-d tell Yaakov, "Don't fear going down to Egypt?"
  11. "I will bring you up" from Egypt. To what did this allude?
  12. What happened to the property that Yaakov acquired in Padan Aram?
  13. Who was the mother of Shaul ben HaCanaanit?
  14. When listing Yaakov's children, the verse refers to Rachel as "Rachel, wife of Yaakov." Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah are not referred to as Yaakov's wives. Why?
  15. Yosef harnessed his own chariot instead of letting a servant do it. Why?

Tune Teacher - I Got A Feeling - Shabbat

We at BCY are a huge believers in the power of music! From the Jazz Rabbi to musical Hallel BCY is all about music. Please check out this version of the hit song "Tonight's gonna be a good night" about Shabbat!
I've Got a Feeling (The Shabbat Song)

THIS WEEK'S Parsha - Vayigash!

Dear Parents!

This week's parsha is Parshat Vayigash. Below is a recap of the entire parsha.It is imperative that you go over this recap with your child, as we will be asking questions based on it. FRIDAY NIGHT at dinner is an AMAZING time to do this with the family! This will help our youth program be the best it can possibly be! Additionally there is a youtube link of some very cool insights for children that I am sure they will love!

Vayigash Recap

Judah approaches Joseph and begs him to free Benjamin. He even offers himself as a slave--yes he offers to stay in Egypt as Joseph's slave instead of Benjamin!--as long as Benjamin is set free and allowed to return to his father's home in Canaan. At this point, when Joseph sees how much his brothers care about one another, he can no longer hold back his feelings. He sends all his servants and guards out of the room, and when he and his brothers are left alone he cries and says "I am Joseph, is my father still alive?"

The brothers are silent. They are shocked and terrified. Is this man, the second to most powerful man in all of Egypt, really their brother? And so Joseph begs them to come closer and repeats himself. "I am Joseph!" The brothers finally realize that it is true, this is their brother, but they are so ashamed at what they have done to him, that they sold him into slavery. But Joseph comforts them and makes them feel comfortable, telling them that it was G-d's will that he end up in Egpyt so that he would become powerful and have a chance to save the entire family from the terrible famine which was still going on at that time. Joseph then sends his brothers home to tell Jacob that he is alive as well as to invite him to come to Egypt where he will be able to live in peace. Pharaoh sends along carriages to help Jacob move.

When Jacob sees the wagons and hears the good news, he is overjoyed and stops the long 22 years of mourning for his beloved son Joseph. Jacob travels to Egypt together with his entire family, exactly 70 people (the 70th is born as they enter the city gates, the newborn is Yocheved, mother of Moses). On his way to Egypt G-d promises Jacob that He will make Jacob's children into a great nation, and that He will take them out of Egypt.

Joseph goes out to meet his father as he gets closer to Egypt and when they meet, Joseph hugs and kisses Jacob. They then go to meet Pharaoh who gives the land of Goshen to Jacob, which is where Jacob and his family will live throughout the next generations. Jacob blesses Pharaoh.

Parshat Vayigash: Joseph's Family Reunion

This Past Week's Activities Recap - Parsha Mikietz 12/12/2015

Amazing things are happening in the Beit Chaverim Youth Department!

  • We had an amazing time going over the parsha - Parshat Miketz! Thank you to all the parents who went over the parsha recap with their child. It was extremely helpful. We encourage all parents to do the same!
  • Our BCY Store was open and children were able to buy prizes with the BC bucks they earned.


Announcing the FIRST EVER BCY Board

In some of the most exciting news of the year.....BCY is proud to announce our very OWN youth board! This board will help serve the purpose of arranging and executing various task that pertain to the youth. Raising funds, marketing, and event planning to name a few. Below is the current board for 2015-2016. If your child is interested in a board position, please contact one of our youth directors and we will make that a reality! Please introduce yourself to our staff so they can get to know you and better serve the shuls needs.

Below are a list of positions.

President - Josh Marcus

Vice President - Abie Wall

Treasurer - Jessica Parness

Event Planner/ Community involvement Rep - Rachel Offir

Head of Marketing/PR - Ben Marcus

Secretary of Education - Rose Sibboni

Secretary of Defence - Lex Parness

Head of Dance and Choir - Jamie Parness

Kiddush Getter - Ruben Sibboni

Candy Man - Asher Marcus

Beit Chaverim Synagogue Westport/Norwalk

Beit Chaverim synagogue provides many opportunities for learning and growth through communal activities, including a broad range of adult education classes and lectures for men and women, geared to all levels of background and learning, and an abundance of youth activities. These include a Hebrew school for grades K-8, an integrated bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah program, and educational and social programs for our children. We are also committed to political activism in support of Israel and other issues relevant to the Jewish community at large.

Members of Beit Chaverim are committed to charitable activities such as visiting the sick, consoling the bereaved, providing meals for the homeless, and raising money for charity. Opportunities abound to contribute to the wider community through these and other chessed(kindness) projects.

Beit Chaverim warmly welcomes all those who seek out Jewish tradition and community. Please come in and feel at home.