Country project

Iran Information 1-4

Country basics 1.)Iran

3.) the green represents Islam. the white represents peace.the red represents courage. it was said that the symbol in the center represents the five principles of Islam. the flag was adopted in July 29, 1890.


1.)Iran is in is surrounded by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Armenia, Azerbaijan , and Turkmenistan. 2.)one physical feature is Damavand it is the highest point in Iran.there are deserts and discontinuous plains.

3.)one landmark is the Shah Mosque. The Shah Mosque is 387 years old.another is the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is an architecture master piece.

4.)The major bodies of water near Iran are the Persian gulf, the gulf of Oman, and Caspian sea.

5.) The environment effects the citizen's life by them relying on Water and Oxygen from the environment even though it is very dry in some parts of Iran.they gave irrigated some of the land. the exhaust from their cars, trucks, and buses cause a lot of air pollution. they are on of the most polluted countries in the world.this is because there is so much transportation there.


1.)The type of government is Theocratic republic.

2.)the leader is Ali Hoseini-Khamenei.He is the supreme leader. 3.)they are selected for life by a assembly of experts.

4.)the rights are that any citizen deserves the same amount of rights no matter color,race, language and the rest.the roles of the citizens are to vote if you can.a responsibility is to obey the law.


1.)Iran is a rich country.there GDP is 1.382.

2.)the money they use is Iranian rial.

3.)the main exports are chemical and petrochemicals and fruits.the main imports are industrial supplies and capital goods. 4.)the life expectancy of Iran is 75.12 years.the birth rate is 17.99/1,000.the percentage of improved water is 96.2% and the unimproved is 3.8%.