digital footprint

why is it important

what is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is simply what you leave behind on the internet. It can be good or bad. You want to try and maintain a good one by doing the right things.

How do you maintain a good digital footprint?

You always want to try your best to maintain a good footprint.There is many things you do want to do and also many things you dont want to do. Never copyright because it makes you look bad. Also remember things you do on the internet are permenet so your footprintsa are too.


If you know it or not everything you do impacts somebody else in some way. If you say something mean or tell a lie about them it will hurt them and you dont want yourself looking bad.

Who can see your digital footprint?

Everyone can! Your digital footprint is open to the public. Anyone who wants to see it can, parents,teachers,coaches, even police.


-think before you type

-dont go to unknown websites

-dont talk to strangers

-dont talk bad about anyone
-dont use other peoples work

-use privacy settings

-keep a list of accounts

-don't overshare

-use a password keeper

-google yourself

-monitor linking accounts

-use a secondary email

-you dont need 12 emails

-sending is like publishing forever

-understand that searches are social

-use digital tools to manage your footprint