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Washington School Newsletter: December 2019

Important School Dates

12/11 - 11:30 Dismissal

12/11 - Parent Teacher Conferences from 5-7pm

12/18 - Early Dismissal for Professional Development

12/23-1/1 - Winter Vacation

Thursday, January 2nd - School resumes!

1/6 - NO SCHOOL Three Kings Day

Festive Fridays

Friday, December 6th- Superhero Day- Come to school dressed in your favorite superhero gear.

Thursday, December 13th- Ugly Sweater Day- Wear your favorite winter or holiday "Ugly Sweater" to school.


It costs $1 to participate. No blue jeans allowed.

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Student of the Month from November

Kindergarten - Ameena Mohamed (KCA) Isaac Pagan (KH) Kayslee Padilla (KCO)

1st Grade -Tatyana Maxwell (1L) Arieliz Montilla (1D)

2nd Grade - Lianny Ramirez (Rua) & Jazmine Lopez (Langan)

3rd Grade - Damari Sanford (Byron) & Beatriz Quinones (Alonzo)

4th Grade - Elizmarie Echevarria (Carpentieri) & Ashana Anderson (Demers)

5th Grade - Genesis Montoya & Meah Button

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We Need Parent Volunteers!

We are looking for parent volunteers on Thursday 12/19 and Friday 12/20 while classrooms celebrate the holiday season with students. Please ask your child's teacher how to help!
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This month we will learn about different traditions in our country. Please continue practicing naming letters and their sounds, and breaking up apart a word by individual sounds. Practice sounding out CVC words- /c/ /a/ /t/


Students will be counting by 10's to 100. Make sure to count every night! We will also be adding numbers to 5.

1st Grade

ELA: We are in Unit 3 of Wonders. We are currently learning about How plants change as they grow. Our phonics skill that we are working on is the "magic E."

Math:We have been studying word problems with start and change unknown. An example of start unknown is ?-5=10 Change unknown 10-?=5.

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2nd Grade

ELA: We will be starting Unit 3 in Wonders which focuses on what surprises us about the world around us.

Math: Students will continue working on addition and subtraction. They will focus on two step problems.

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3rd Grade

ELA: Our Wonders unit this month is all about being one of a kind! We will be discussing how to use our unique talents to lead, and discover new ideas.

Math: We have been working on finding the area of rectangles, now we will be working on finding the perimeter of shapes.

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4th Grade

ELA: Ask your child all about our book, FLUTTER!! We will continue with Unit 3 in Wonders focusing on point of view in different genres.

MATH: We will be working with comparing fractions and relating them to decimals. As always we need our multiplication skills in order to be successful, keep practicing them every night!

Happy Numbers class login codes:

Demers: 546 240

Carpentieri: 654 969

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5th Grade

ELA: Students will be practicing main idea, theme, and author's point of view in unit 3. Click on this link to view your child's Unit 2 ANIMOTO video story!

Math: We are continuing to work with fractions! More multiplying fractions and we are kicking off dividing fractions and dividing by fractions!

Science: We are continuing to study the movement of matter and energy through an ecosystem.

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BoxTops for Education

We are kicking off our collection of BoxTops this month! Every BoxTop you collect or scan is worth $0.10 for our school!!!! All funds go toward purchasing classroom materials! There are now TWO ways for you to help our school........

1. You can submit BoxTops digitally! See the video:

2. You can cut, clip and submit as well!

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Specials Updates

MUSIC: Students in music are working on singing holiday songs.

GYM: Students will be participating in hockey, tag games ans scooter activities.Please make sure students have sneakers and coats for gym.

ART: Students are working on a holiday landscape picture using paint and pastels.

LIBRARY: Students are being introduced/reintroduced to the check-in and check-in process of the library. Students should be coming home with a book next week!

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Science: Remember to have your children write down any questions they may have about the world around them in their evidence notebooks. Encouraging children to ask questions and observe their environment is an excellent way to build on natural curiosity to support scientific thinking.

Mathematical fluency is so important! You can increase your child’s mathematical fluency by having them find different ways to group numbers. (For Example, the number 12 is the same as 10 and 2 or 6 and 6 or 7 and 5 etc.). Encourage your children to find different groupings of multi-digit numbers and write equations to match. (i.e. 12 is the same as 5, 5, and 2, so an equation to match may be 5 + 5 + 2 =12 or 2 x 5 + 1 x 2 = 12). They can use number bonds and double ten frames as graphic organizers to help.
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