Greek God of War

Thesis Statement

Hercules was the strongest and most powerful god there was to be all because of his bravery for completing his challenges that he was supposed to do.


In Joel Skidmores "Myth of Hercules" hercules had to complete a challenge for the crime that he did of murdering his own children after a feud with his wife Hera. He had to go on many tasks to show his strength and to pay for his crime.

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Ever since Hercules was a baby, he has been tough. he was planned to be killed by Zeus's (his father) wife, Hera. She was planning to put to snakes in his crib but Hercules was found then with 2 serpents strangled in each hand. Later on in life, he killed his own children because of a fight with his Hera. Now he must face the challenge of Defeating the many headed monster. hydra. He also killed the nemean lion. Then had to kill Stymphalian Birds ( man-killing). King Eurystheus was afraid of his own cousin.


"King Eurystheus was so afraid of his heroic cousin that he hid in a storage jar. From the safety of this hiding place he issued the order for another Labor." (skidmore)


This proves that the king had to keep on giving him tasks to do because the tasks that he was giving him, difficult and dangerous, he was completing it all like it was a piece of cake.


Compared to most, Hercules is a strong god who could face the most difficult challenges.

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by Hannah Maiss