Potassium is like silver butter. :)


63.38 °C is the melting point.

759 °C is the Boiling point.

856 kg m is the density of the solid.

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Interesting Facts

Animal Fat and Potassium carbonate were mixed to make soap. Potassium is essential for both animals and plants. Found in seawater but found in very small amounts. You can cut it with a butter knife. Extremely reactive to water. A shiny silver color on the inside and outside.

What Potassium does and who discovered it.

Potassium was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1807 in England.

Humans consume it for heart and nerve function.

Potassium makes up 1.5 percent of the earth's crust.

Potassium is mainly mined in Germany and the United States.

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Some of the foods potassium is in.

Bananas, Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Dates, Beans, Tomatoe sauce, Clams, Carrot juice, Fish, Milk, Orange Juice and most types of Yogurts.

Classification and Group

The classification is Metal

The group is Alkali Metal