About Me

Life Ed. Project

Me & My Family

My name is Malaki Ambrose Cayton. I am 12 years old, and my birthday is on 01/09/03. I was born in St. Louis, MO. I have a big family, 5 brothers (including me) and, 6 sisters.

The Image is from 2009 ---->

I think my Dad was a good role model because He was always hard-working, and helped raise a family of 12.

Coding and Youtube

Since I discovered Super Mario Brothers I had wanted to make my own platformer, but unfortunately I was 6 years old. So far I've been successful with my goal since then, learning how to code and other things like that.

Since I got a youtube channel I only had my friends, I got up to 13 subscribers I was still uploading steadily. From there I've attained 900 subscribers, though i only had 50 as a goal. Now I'm hoping to get up to 1000 subscribers

Things That I Like

My favorite activities are arts, animation, and origami.

My favorite game is a game called mari0.

My favorite place is California because its always warm and sunny even though I've never been there.

My favorite type of food is a pork steak.

My favorite color is red

My favorite book is "Maus a story of the holocaust"

My Pets

This is my cat Comet, and my dog Lyra. I have more pets but they weren't included in the picture. Out of the other pets there is a lot of fish, a salamander, a bird, and a few gerbils

My Favorite Siblings

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Thank You for reading! 😄