Pamela Higbee news

by boxturtlegirl

weekly stuff

I am officially putting new images or new videos on these flyers. For example, the new amazon commercial about that pony.

New amazon commercial

this new amazon commercial is so funny, that I think that they should replace that pony with a baby dragon, and the five horses turtles!

these are my 4 turtles. well, the three popular ones

this is all the info for my turtles!

a game

this game is where you take care of a farm and you get all kinds of stuff.

unfortunately, you have to pay for gold.

(unless you unlock a level)
goodgame bigfarm

this is a game that you take care of animals and a farm.( there's a dog in it, too!)

this is another game!


this is a game where you take care of a dog of cat. you have to feed them every day so they will not die.there can breed a baby puppy or kitty for foodollars!( you will learn about them when you play the game.)