Wear Seatbelts

By Emma Gibb

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Why should you be Batman?

In 1988 only 45% of people wore seat belts. That all changed when Batman started to wear seat belts in 1999. And the percentage went up 25%. Be part of the clan that did what Batman did. If you choose to not buckle you choose to be the villain, you choose to go to jail, and you choose to be the Joker, don’t be the Joker then you’re not Batman, and he will beat you up and that’s bad.

Why don't you wear one?

"I'm afraid it will trap me in the car." “Statistically, the best place to be during an accident is in your car. If you're thrown out of the car, you're 25 times more likely to die. And if you need to get out of the car in a hurry - as in the extremely tiny percent of accidents involving fire or submergence - you can get out a lot faster if you haven't been knocked unconscious inside your car”

How many accidents happen?

80% of accidents happen at least 25 miles away from your house. 40000 people die each year because of accidents. When there's a car accident, more than half of the time people aren't wearing a seat belt. 72% of the time people in their cars aren't wearing seat belts.

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