Frost i3ite 3

Personal experiences

My personal experience was meeting the company, it was mind-blowing and amazing structure, even fun. Frost i3ite 3 works on the dynamic features and advance tech. More powerful then ever. Dice works with "Frost i3ite 3", they both work on real-life gaming and 4 major hit games, called "BattleField 4".

Frost i3ite

Battle Field 4

Battle Field 4 was so cool it felt like you where in the battle field, guns were loud, music was loud, even the bombs going off in the distance, it was too amazing.

The History

The number one hit game was "battle field", dice made four battle fields, the first they made was "Battle field 1887". And the second game was "Battle field 2 bad company", the third was "Battle field 3".

The Next-Gen

Dice works on real-life gaming, it has been an honor because for the one-million fans about this game. Frost i3ite works on the dynamic features and the waves on the water you can see jets falling off the boat the current, its not just any kind of game its the next-gen of evulution.

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