Why Adolf Was Against Jewish People

Period 3- Natalie G, Lauren G, Rachel B, Larissa P, Carlos N

When World War I ended, the results were disastrous for Germany. The Treaty of Versailles limited Germany's ability to arm itself and placed crushing debts for reparations on the back of the losing side. The fledgling Weimar Republic, which took over governance after the war, struggled to maintain a solid standard of living for Germans, and anger swiftly built.

Before Hitler came to power, Jewish individuals owned about half of the banks and newspapers in Germany, as well as about 80 percent of retail stores. Almost all of the stockbrokers at the German exchange were Jewish, and over time, blaming the loss of the war on the incompetence or outright sabotage of the Jewish financiers became popular. Hitler took this further, also blaming Jews for the Russian revolution, as both Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky were Jewish. When a Soviet republic briefly flared up in Munich, Hitler saw it as the time to act, bringing down vengeance against the Jews.

For years before Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he was obsessed with ideas about race. In his speeches and writings, Hitler spread his beliefs in racial "purity" and in the superiority of the "Germanic race"—what he called an Aryan "master race." He pronounced that his race must remain pure in order to one day take over the world. For Hitler, the ideal "Aryan" was blond, blue-eyed, and tall.

Hitler and other Nazi leaders viewed the Jews not as a religious group, but as a poisonous "race," which "lived off" the other races and weakened them. After Hitler took power, Nazi teachers in school classrooms began to apply the "principles" of racial science. They measured skull size and nose length, and recorded the color of their pupils' hair and eyes to determine whether students belonged to the true "Aryan race." Jewish and Romani (Gypsy) students were often humiliated in the process.

February 24, 1920, Nazi Outline POlitical Agenda

Adolf Hitler issues a "25 Point Program" outlining the party's political agenda. The party platform embodies racism. It demands racial purity in Germany ; proclaims Germany's destiny to rule over inferior races ; and identifies Jews as racial enemies. Point 4 concludes that "No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the Nation."

JULY 18, 1925

In Mein Kampf , a book he wrote while in prison in 1923, he outlined his racial ideas. Hitler saw history as the struggle between races for living space. He envisioned a war of conquest in the east, with the Slavic peoples enslaved to German interests. He believed the Jews to be an exceptional evil, working within the nation to subvert "racial purity." He urged the "removal" of Jews from Germany.


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