Puppy Pound Update


Pumpkins as boats???

Yup! We learned this week that pumpkins can actually float in water. Some people grow pumpkins that are large enough for a person to sit inside. They race these pumpkins in "pumpkin boat races." We also learned all about the life cycle of a pumpkin. It starts out at a tiny seed first, and then becomes a sprout, a flower and a vine grow, then it becomes a green pumpkin and then finally an orange pumpkin. We will also be learning about pumpkins next week with some fun activities planned!

Genre Study

We have been identifying different types of genres in all of the books that we read. This week we did a genre sort with some book titles. Each table group had the same titles and we all worked together to identify different characteristics of the stories in order to place them in the correct category.
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Top Dog-Aidan

Aidan brought in his toy car that was really cool! He also told us his favorite food is sushi and he wants to be a police officer when he grows up. He is excited about Halloween coming up! Thanks, Aidan.
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Recycled cardboard

We will still take recycled card board from boxes you have at home through the beginning of next week. Thanks to all who have sent some in already!