Neolithic Revolution 1-Pager

The Major Effects from the Development of Agriculture

Paleolithc Age Facts

1. The people in this age were nomadic, meaning they lived from place to place instead of in one permanent settlement.

2. The hunting gig for people back then was fishing because fish were less dangerous and more abundant.

3. Prehistoric hunters were very fit and athletic because their hunting required more physical labor and their diet was heavy in protein.

Neolithic Revolution Effects

4. Instead of living place to place while hunting for food, people settled into permanent settlements because of agriculture-produced food that was there.

5. Social classes were developed, which also created specific jobs for those specific people in each class.

6. New technologies were developed in response to the need for better tools and weapons to go along with the new way of living, such as metal tools and plows.

7. People began to manipulate the environment because of their agricultural advances. One way they did that was though deforestation or cutting down and destruction of a forest or jungle, usually to obtain a bulk amount of materials like wood, paper, etc.

8. The Neolithic diet changed people’s bodies in an unhealthy way because it decreased of body size, stature, life expectancy of the people that relied on agriculture.


The Paleolithic Age, also known as the stone age, was the time most if not all people were nomadic. Nomadic people are people that live on the move, place to place. As well as the people being nomadic, they also hunted for their own food. Hunting was a real physical labor, so people that hunted were very fit because of that, as well as their diet heavily consisting of protein. Gradually though, as the years went by, things started to change.

In this newer age, the Neolithic Age, people began creating a more effective to produce food. This method of food production is what is known as agriculture. Instead of moving around hunting for food, people settled into permanent settlements in order to farm and produce food which was way more energy effective. In this Neolithic Age is also when social classes were developed in these permanent settlements in order to better define the line of work people would take part in. in other words, it was the development of socioeconomics. Also, new technologies were developed to help the people better adapt to their lifestyle such as metal tools and plows.