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Teaching the Way of Jesus Christ

Special Graduation Edition

Prayer for Our Graduates

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless these graduates.
Show them how to use their knowledge wisely
And find a way to make the world a little better place,
And make life with its problems a bit easier to face.

Grant these young people faith and courage.
Put purpose in their days.
Show them how to serve You in the most effective ways.
May they ever be aware that knowledge comes from learning
And wisdom comes from You.


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Holy Family Catholic School Class of 2016

Andrea Acuna

Olivia Asprilla

Christyn Ballweg

Delaney Boley

Grace Chambers

Anna Conway

Ryan Cussnick

Ciara Esquivel

Tara Fitzsimons

Madison Grimes

Matthew Jones

Jenna Mance

Jacob Marquardt

Isabella Maschino

Daniel Neff

Hunter Phillips

Rachel Sibal

Kaitlyn Speairs

Payton Thompson

Celizz Valdez

Nicholas Velez

Nicole Zavala