"Land of the Free"


Thailand are a beautiful, tropical country. The climate is comfortably warm. Most people in Thailand live a rural way of life; growing healthy and delicious crops. They have a very fast growing economy. Every year, new urban areas are being built all around Thailand. Tall, towering sky scrapers dominate the capitol, Bangkok. Thailand's main exports are rubber and teakwood. Thailand is also the one of the world's leading exporters of tin and gorgeous gemstones. About 64 million people live in Thailand today,

Thailand - Great people, great land, great country

Geography and Climate

Thailand has very beautiful land. In the "Mountainous North" many large majestic mountains run from the north the the western coast. These mountains are covered by very green forests. River also run through the mountains. The river deposit very rich soil which is great for farming. Now we go from mountains to plains. As the hills get lower as we go south, there's the Central Plain. This plain extends from the low hills of the mountains to the Gulf of Thailand. The soil here is so rich and fertile that more rice is grown here than any other part of the country. The Southern Peninsula has the most diverse land in Thailand. Along the coasts run narrow plains while most of it contains forested mountains in the middle. So many people have made money here through fishing, production of rubber, and mining tin. Thailand for sure has the most beautiful land in Asia!

People and Culture

Thailand is a place of very interesting culture. Indian, Chinese, and Cambodian cultures helped shape that of Thailand. The main ethnic group in Thailand is Thai, along with several minor ethnic groups. Thai is also the main language of Thailand. This language is closely related to the language of Lao. The dialects of Northern and Southern Thailand are slightly different from each other.

The most practiced and respected religion is Buddhism. More than 94% of Thai people are Buddhists. Much of Thailand's people are influenced by Buddhism's spiritual beliefs. Many Thailand people own small 'spirit houses'. These houses are believed to house spirits. They are found in cities, streets, and places of offering.

The food in Thailand is varied, colorful and regarded as one of the best cuisines worldwide. Most of Thailand's food contain the common ingredients of garlic, fish sauce, and chillies. Of course, the main food in Thailand is rice because it is grown locally. Rice is the #1 crop in Thailand. Almost every Thai meal has rice in it. Thailand is also the world's largest exporter of rice.

The family is the cornerstone of Thai society. Family life is often more closely knit than in western cultures. The Thai family is a form of hierarchy with the parents at the top. Children are taught to honor and respect their parents.

The wai is the common form of greeting, a sign of respect and follows strict rules of protocol. The wai is a slight bow with the palms together and the fingertips touching the body somewhere between the chest and the forehead. It is how Thais greet each other and is a way of showing respect or thanks. The closer the hands are held to the head the greater the respect shown. It is impolite to return a wai to someone of lower social status and would be embarrassing for them.

The most popular sport is Muay Thai or Thai boxing. It is popular among both man and women. The boxers wear gloves and headbands and the event is accompanied by a musical band which provides traditional martial music for the fight. It is practiced in every town and village and athletes that compete at the highest levels are extremely well paid and respected.

Government and Citizen's Rights

The Royal Thailand government is a constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. Like the UK, the king has almost no power but is still looked upon as a national figure. However, the Constitution of Thailand states that the king is the leader of the armed forces and the military. He is also head of the House of Chakri. The House of Chakri is the ruling government house of Thailand. The Prime Minister is considered to be the true leader and the head of the Cabinet of Thailand. The Constitution of Thailand states that the Prime Minister is to be appointed first hand by the king. The prime minister nominates the members of the Cabinet. The Cabinet, also known as the Council of Ministers is composed by 35 senior government members representing different parts of the country.

Yingluck Shinawatra, or nickname Pu, is the Prime Minister of Thailand after the 2011 general election.

Bhumibol Adulyadej is the reigning King of Thailand. He is known as Rama IX. Since he has been king since 1946, he is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history.

The Thailand Constitution mandates that the people have some basic rights. A person has the right of freedom of speech or communication by lawful means. Freedom of religion is protected by law. The Constitution indicates that the human dignity, liberty and equality of the people shall be protected. All citizens accused of a crime are presumed innocent and have the right to a fair trial. All citizens are given the right to vote after they are 18 years old and older. The Thai government provides education from pre-school to senior in high school. A free basic education of 12 years is guaranteed by the constitution, and a minimum of nine years of school attendance is mandatory. The constitution


Thailand export many different products for its economy. One very large one is rice. Thailand is the world's largest rice exporter after all. Thailand also gets a very large part of its money from exporting electronics and computers. 7.8% of Thailand's economy comes from electronics. This makes them the #1 exported product in Thailand. Other major exported products include rubber jewelry, cars, footwear, and textiles. Thailand relies a lot on exports for its economy.

Thailand's economy is largely emerging. So far, it is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, and the fourth richest nation. Since relying mostly on exports got them out of the Asian economic crisis, they stayed that way. Not only has this made their recovery of the crisis, it is keeping their economy growing

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